Aappointment Request

You can arrange appointments during office hours by calling +49 (0) 232 57 27 00 with us.
Our practice is closed only on weekends and holidays. Basically, we are trying, that you will always be treated by a doctor for re-conceptions. In absences there is always a representation. This ensures a high level of treatment continuity


Send e-mail

Want to send us an email?
Send it to:
However, please understand that no appointments are possible in this way; Nor can and we must respond to you by e-mail on medical issues.

We draw your attention that messages that reach us via e-mail, will not be transmitted safely and can therefore be viewed by third parties. We can therefore not guarantee the confidentiality of such data transmission take


By bus / train

Our practice is very centrally located in Herne-Wanne-Eickel, you can reach us by all means of transportation! The building is just two minutes walk from the bus station and a 10 minutes walk from the main train station.

By car

If you want to come to us by car, you will find a car park, for example, in the car park of the Kaufland Herne-Wanne. The best way to reach us is by public transport, bus stop Am Buschmannshof.
Several large parking available in the surroundings in various car parks.

Map for location of practice